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David Armstrong on Sep 18, 2017-Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T1 Goggles - Black Leather

T1 GOOGLES AND MY NINETY TWO . Absolutely delighted with my new look, super cool after a few quick adjustments, before which my kids thought I looked like something from Wallace & Grommet! Great interface between the Goggles and helmet and strap is held nicely in place with the helmet rear press stud. Very comfortable soft leather fits snugly to my face and keeps the wind out. Beautiful crystal clear high grade lenses. A winner!

Martin on Sep 05, 2017-Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

LE CASQUE QUI VOUS OUVRE LES PORTES D'UNE AUTRE DIMENSION C'est incroyable mais vrai !Depuis que j'ai acquis un Jet je ne peux plus m'en passer : les sensations de la route sont vécues en direct et le bonheur à moto en est décuplé, que du positif.... ah oui, ne pas oublier le comfort et la légèreté ... on oublie presque le port du casque :-)En conclusion : n'hésitez pas sur l'acquisition de ce casque !


 Raoul on Sep 04, 2017- Black, Silver Davida Jet Helmet

Gone is the turbulence -Just got it for 4 days now: Wow. Gone is the turbulence! I own a C3 pro but turbulence was some pain. Now that is (almost) gone! The Davida is quieter even! Love the feel of the leather. The chinstrap however I will have to get used to. It is kind of sharp on the edges without a cushion around it. My neck is more burdend some how. Maybe this is because the Davida Jet is more open at the back of my neck. The light smoke visor I bought with it is doing its job perfectly.


Chris Biss on Aug 29, 2017Davida PMX Goggle

DAVIDA PMX GOGGLES - Compliments perfectly my new Speedster 3 helmet. The goggles fit very well and look great especially with the smoked replacement lens. They are light-weight and give a clear, wide field of vision. Strongly recommend these goggles.


Ben Knibbs on Aug 29, 2017Davida JPV Visors

PERFECT VISOR TO GO WITH NINETY-2 - I love this visor. It doesn't spoil the look of my beautiful gloss black Ninety-2 but it keeps the wind out of my eyes perfectly! Easy to take off if I want to use sun glasses instead. So much better than a full face for not fogging or getting hot. Great for a summer country ride. A must-have.


Simon Armstrong on Aug 29, 2017Davida JPV Visors
A TRANSFORMATIONAL VISOR - I have used an open face helmet with an integral drop down visor from another manufacturer whilst riding my 70s Ducati and Moto Guzzi. However, having always hankered after a Davida Jet I recently invested in one along with goggles. Unfortunately as a wearer of glasses I just couldn't get along with the goggles. Having noted the very positive reviews on the Davida JPV visor I thought it was worth a try. It has transformed the use of the helmet, and is every bit as good as an integrated visor if not better, as it can be easily removed for cleaning. Another beautifully made Davida creation. 

john on Aug 30, 2017Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

I LOVE THIS HELMET- I've had this Helmet for over 10yrs. It's in superb condition and is still quieter than most full face helmets.


John Dunstan on Aug 29, 2017 - Gloss Black Davida Jet Helmet

WHITE HELMETS LEGACY - Really impressed, If you can afford it, but still sitting on the fence undecided.... I don't think you will regret buying one.


David Armstrong on Aug 28, 2017Black Silver Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

MY NINETY 2 -  It's a top quality English product and I get excited every time a go for a ride. Brilliant!


Bart on Aug 28, 2017Halcyon Mk 8 RAF Goggles - Brown Leather

TOP NOTCH! Very good quality. You notice the care that was taken by the manufacturer when you are wearing these goggles.


David Boole on Aug 28, 2017Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

BEST LID I OWN - Highly recommend this comfortable retro helmet. Now point me to a nice jacket please and gloves please.


Carl Buckley on Aug 27, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T3 Goggles - Black Leather 

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - you get what you pay for!Just do it, the enjoyment will far outlast the payment.


 Carl Buckley on Aug 28, 2017ROX Blood Red Leather Liner Kit for Davida Speedster V3 THE RIGHT CHOICE -  Davida is where it's at and we should be proud of English manufacturing.


 Carl Buckley on Aug 28, 2017Black, Silver Flames Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

 ENGLISH CLASS -  More an ornament than something to use!


Jo on Aug 27, 2017 - Davida PMX Goggle EXCELLENT -  Great look, too!


Jo on Aug 27, 2017Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

I WISH I HAD BOUGHT ONE SOONER!  it's beautiful with a perfect finish. It's also a perfect match with the PMX goggles.



MASH MATTE BLACK JET Very comfortable, so good looking and good fitting!!  


Helena Esteban on Aug 27, 2017 - GREEN WHITE RED DAVIDA JET HELMET

FIRST TIME - First time I tried a Davida and the experiece was a Uauh! so fit comfortable and sexy ( I bought the White red star ;)


 Graham Wileman on Aug 27, 2017Davida 74 WRS Kit 

GREAT VALUE 74 WRS KIT -  Complete bargain without losing any of the Davida's quality.



FINALLY!After wanting a jet for years I finally bought one.Immediately the quality was evident, the cushioning leather lining is so comfortable and it feels like it was moulded to my head. Great


Julie Andrews on Aug 26, 2017Davida Leather Jacket - Women's

EXCELLENT JACKET - This is a beautifully tailored,great quality jacket.Good fit it just gets better the more I wear it.


Job Smeets on Aug 26, 2017Cosmic Flake Orange Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

HELMET WITH CLASS - This helmets feels great and looks like the helmets i saw when i was a teenager, worn by the guys you looked up to. Great quality as well.


Jeff Davies on Aug 25, 2017Davida Leather Jacket - Men's

MENS LEATHER JACKET. Jacket is very well made, fits perfect, design is perfect for bikers, i can honestly say its the best motorcycle jacket i have owned, 



BEAT EXPECTATIONS - It's very quiet and fits beautifully. :thumbsup:


Trevor Coates on Aug 25, 2017 - BLACK SILVER FLAMES DAVIDA JET HELMET - 

BEST OPEN FACE HELMET I’VE OWNED -A pleasure to use and to look at too. I love it


Bart on Aug 25, 2017 -Davida Black Leather Face Mask Universal Mk 2

FACEMASK - Fine product! 


Keith Harradence on Aug 26, 2017 -Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helme

GREAT LID - Purchased this a year ago. Well made, quiet for an open face and I must say the logo gets recognized by experienced riders.


Ian Morgan on Aug 25, 2017 -  BLACK SILVER FLAMES DAVIDA JET HELMET FABULOUS DAVIDA JET  I just can't fault my Davida Jet, its a great looking 'lid' lovely design and best of all its made in England, what more can you ask for.


Mike Lamb on Aug 25, 2017Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

JET MATT BLACK HELMET  I can't recommend the Jet helmet highly enough


Simon Bennett on Aug 25, 2017 - Matt Black 2P Gloss Black Stripe Davida Ninety 2 Helmet WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE :-)  If it were a watch, it would be an Omega or Rolex in my opinion.


Simon Harrison on Aug 25, 2017MATT BLACK GLOSS BLACK DAVIDA JET HELMET - Never before has my head been cradled in such soft cushioned comfort...  Thank you Davida. I love it to bits.


Niels Mulder on Aug 25, 2017Silver Davida Classic Helmet

FANTASTIC HELMET -  I have received the best classic helmet in the world!  Nice Job!! Keep it up.


Stephen Belshaw on Aug 24, 2017Davida JPV Visors

SIMPLE, ELEGANT AND EFFECTIVE.  It has transformed my open face ride and given my Speedster helmet a new lease of life. In short, all the quality and functionality you would expect from Davida. Great product.


Michael Harvey on Aug 19, 2017Matt Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

DAVIDA 'NINETY 2' . Buy this and you will not be disappointed! You can now have state of the art helmet design & technology combined with looking uber cool. It's a no brainer! :blush::thumbsup


 Pete on Aug 18, 2017 - Silver Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

AMAZING-I can highly recommend anyone to check this company out. They're products are great, service is great - and they're British. Fill yer boots!


Hans van Gorsel on Aug 16, 2017Black White Davida Ninety 2 Helmet I replaced my 11 year old Davida, yes too long, Thank you and keep up the good work ! Hans van Gorsel from the Netherlands


Jack Ng on Aug 10, 2017 - Silver Davida Classic Helmet 

IMPRESSED! Kicking myself for previously spending so much money buying other helmets!


 Paul Mason on Aug 07, 2017 -Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

A ONE OFF. Will definitely be trying the design your own route again, just got to find an excuse. Thanks Davida !


 Lyndon on Aug 01, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T1 Goggles - Black Leather GREAT PRODUCT AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - 


Lyndon on Aug 01, 2017 - Black Silver Davida Ninety 2 Helmet
COMFORT AND STYLE -   I have to say it's a great helmet. I'll certainly be buying another when the time comes. 


 geoffrey a. on Aug 01, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 Optical Goggles  - Brown Leather VERY GOOD - these are great, good ,perfect with the open face helmet  


Ian Crossett on Jul 31, 2017-Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

SO, THIS IS AN OPEN FACE HELMET!  In a word, FANTASTIC!! Go get one! Products like my Davida really do explain what makes British products GREAT! 


Peter D. on Jul 27, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T Series Replacement Lens SUMMER LENSES FOR MY OLD AVIATORS! Service from Davida is much swifter and more user friendly than it used to be


Mike on Jul 27, 2017 -  GLOSS BLACK DAVIDA JET

This is the best open face i have ever had, quieter than my full face. Buy it.



NEW HELMET. First class service, and the helmet is very comfortable, quiet and well made. ....the best helmet I have worn.


Murray on Jul 19, 2017 SILVER, BLACK DAVIDA JET HELMET IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND Proud to wear this with the Union flag and made in England. Superb quality giving confidence! Thanks. Neill


Duncan McMorrin on Jul 19, 2017Davida 74 WRS Kit 

IN CONCLUSION, I CAN’T RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH.  If you don’t need prescription lenses then £33 is a steal. If you do, £135 is a very decent price for what seem to be good quality goggles and nice lenses.


 Jason Wood on Jul 18, 2017Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

LOVE MY MATT BLACK DAVIDA - Love the small profile and comfortable fit of the XL Speedster, Having a XL sizing helmet with other brands helmets can look a bit big but my Davida feels quality, looks great, UK made and love it. Cheers


Didier on Jul 14, 2017- 80113 Cream Davida Jet Helmet  

FINEST & COMFORTABLE- I have a classic davida (jet/cream) since 2 years, you're make a good job, simply my most confortable helmet!


Rob Davis on Jul 13, 2017Davida Vacuum Gauges 

AN ESSENTIAL TOOL - I bought a twin set of Davida gauges in the early 1980s and in terms of usefulness and value for money, they have proved priceless.


Andy Taylor on Jul 13, 2017 - Davida Gloss Black Jet Helmet 

UK TO NZ MY JET CAME WITH ME! - I relocated to New Zealand earlier this year left my bonnie in storage but my Jet came with me! Now riding a Royal Enfield Classic over here and all I get asked is "hey mate were did you get that cool lid" proud to reply it's British, Top Quality and Mine! Thanks Davida 


Philip Laurell on Jul 10, 2017 - Cream Davida Speedster Helmet 

SUPERB HELMET- Quality and attention to detail is superb. I love them and will continue to buy Davida. - I love them.-Cheers, Phil from Sweden


Tomasz Rozanski on Jul 10, 2017 -Matt Black Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

Speedster V3 & Halcyon MK49 GogglePerfect couple! Very stylish and fits my Bonneville perfectly. Outstanding comfort and top class craftsmanship. Thanks a lot!


James S. on Jun 30, 2017Davida 74 WRS Kit Replacement Parts
Davida WRS Replacement Lenses - Pretty good -saves having to buy a new pair of goggles, the lens holders are quite rigid so over time hopefully they will become bit more flexible for even better fit over eyes


Eddie Talbot on Jun 28, 2017 -Black Gold PS Davida Ninety 2 Helmet
Unparalleled Open Face -  Can’t recommend this product enough, looking forward to the Holliday riding across the continent, Cant Wait. AXE


Francisco J. on Jun 26, 2017 - Black Leather Chin Strap Cover Kit for Davida Speedster v3 Helmet. Excellent experience, I'm very happy with the purchase


Karen W. on Jun 25, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 Optical Goggles  - Black Leather Comfort & functional- Very Comfortable. Work well with my helmet.


Graham Tweed on Jun 19, 2017Davida Helmet Half Sizing Kit

 Ninety Two Helmet- . Well worth the price,top quality.


Mark Little on Jun 19, 2017Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

 Best Helmet I've Ever Had ! Thanks for a great helmet. Worth every penny.


 Andri Arnarson on Jun 16, 2017 -Cream Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

So all in all I would recommend this helmet to anyone in the market for a open helmet with a low profile. It's definetly the smallest profile on the market.


 Stephen Burns on Jun 16, 201793105 - Matt Black Speedsterv3 Helmet -  

The quality is outstanding with a perfect finish. I use the small MX type goggles and find they fit perfectly.Steve


David Donegan on Jun 16, 2017 - Matt Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

Ninety 2 Helmet -  Fits perfectly and looks great, I had tried on a lot of different brands in the past, but this is just spot on, ultra cool. Thank you very much.


steve Towers on Jun 14, 2017 - Matt Black Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

My second Davida .. you can't rush perfection, and communication from the factory has kept me updated all the way along....right I'm off out on my bike now!!


Alan Martin on Jun 13, 2017 -Gloss Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

Jet 92 Part 2 !! - many thanks Davida. Still the best on the market!!!!!


Wim Bon on Jun 10, 2017 -Gloss Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

Compare With Classic Jet - I have my Davida Classic Jet for 13 years to full satisfaction. I did not found a better helmet on the market. I still have to do a tryout on my bike but I know this is my helmet.


David Taylor on Jun 08, 2017Cream Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet   

A VERY BEAUTIFUL THING.  Go on, BUY ONE NOW...Your head deserves it !!


Menster Patrick on Jun 07, 2017Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

TOP HELMET. Received my helmet. All I can say :top craftmanship, top quality and top service.Thanks Patrick 


Brian Bradwell on Jun 02, 2017 - Davida JPV Visor BEST VISOR ON THE MARKET.  

Once again brilliant design and engineering by Davida.


 Brian Bradwell on Jun 02, 2017 - Cream ZNut Brown Leather Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

HEADS UP ! engineered for exceptional levels of safety, and built in Britain by hand to a superb standard - if your thinking of a jet helmet, forget the rest buy the best - Davida.  


Chris Tubman on May 26, 2017Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

MY NEW SPEEDSTER. Owned a Speedster V3 for a couple of weeks now ....a great helmet.


Mike on May 21, 2017Cream ZNut Brown Leather Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

AMAZING- I am the proud owner of a brown and cream v3 with brown leather lining. Go out and buy one, you won't be disappointed.


 Allan Jolly on May 16, 2017Black Gold PS Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

BEYOND EXPECTATION- Just received my 92 TT in Black and Gold with T1 goggles - they look amazing. Quality and fit outstanding. Service is second to none. Thanks to Joe Kirkham in sales !


 Vincent Banterla on May 15, 201780227 - Matt Black, 2P Gloss Black Stripe Davida Jet Helmet A SENSE OF PRIDE. The all package put a smile on my face :)


 Christoph on May 10, 2017 - 80356 - Cosmic Flake Orange Davida Jet Helmet 

PERFECT FIT,  GREAT LOOK. This is my third Davida helmet. Thanks Davida for this great and good looking helmets.


 Mike on May 10, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 Optical Goggles  - Brown Leather Recommend these to anyone but suggest looking at a second summer lens.


 Colin Daye on May 09, 201792227 - Matt Black 2P Gloss Black Stripe Davida Ninety 2 Helmet BEST HELMET EVER.  a British company, so win, win


 Russell on May 04, 2017FACE MASK 

Perfect fit and great with open faced helmets. Wouldn't buy any other mask. Quick delivery too.


Neil Brookbanks on Apr 30, 2017MY DAVIDA JET HELMET I have had my Jet helmet for over 12 months now and it's been the best Helmet I've ever had. It's part of me. 


 Philip O. on Apr 28, 2017 - DAVIDA 92 Helmet-  

Davida are a very professional company and are very easy to deal with


Tim B on Apr 28, 2017 BRG WHITE JET HELMET- Got my helmet at Stafford show well worth getting help with fit. Great finish and very comfortable, best helmet I have owned.


 Glyn Collins on Apr 23, 2017- JET - Quality! Like sticking your head in a Bentley! Fits beautifully and comfortable all day long. My second Davida and no doubt there'll be more.


Neil M. on Apr 27, 2017 GREAT GOGGLES GREAT VALUE-  

for the price are a fantastic purchase. The service from Davida was first class.

Ronnie Pedersen on Apr 22, 2017CLASSIC LOOK, MODERN QUALITY. 

These Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 is absolutely brilliant


Ronnie Pedersen on Apr 21, 2017STUNNING QUALITY- I just received my Davida DGR 2015 Laurel Davida Jet Helmet, and im in Awe 


Brigitte v. on Apr 21, 2017- INDISPENSABLE MASQUE- Ce masque est parfait, il protège très efficacement contre le froid, je respire très bien par les aérations, il est esthetique, sa forme ergonomique épouse très bien le visage... Il est vraiment idéal!!! Si il existait dans toutes les couleurs je les acheterais toutes!!!



I'm very impressed and will recommend to others 


Allan Worthington on Apr 19, 2017 -  Davida GOV Visors

BRILLIANT ! .Why didn't I buy this in the 1st place, hmmmmm!!!


 Mr Andrew Allcock on Apr 11, 2017Aviator Retro Pilot T1 Goggles - Black Leather 



 Craig Aldred on Apr 06, 2017DAVIDA MENS LEATHER JACKET Just received my Davida leather Jacket, really impressed with the fit and the quality of leather. No breaking the jacket in which is great. Looking forward to wearing it on my café racer!!



Davida - making British products that Britons can be proud to wear.


Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors 



 Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 - Cosmic Candy Silver Davida Jet Helmet



 Andrew P Smith on Mar 22, 2017 -Black White Check Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet- SPEEDSTER V3 WITH BROWN LEATHER LINER . Looking for the bespoke retro look to match a bike as individual as you are. 


Damien P. on Mar 22, 2017 DAVIDA 74 WRS KIT REPLACEMENT PARTS - 

Simple and easy to set up, good quality.


 Mork on Mar 20, 2017-White Red Star Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 



 Adrian W. on Mar 20, 2017Black White Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

92- I hate wearing anything on my head - my helmet is incredibly comfortable!


 Martin H. on Mar 20, 2017 -  Davida GOV Visors 

GREAT VISOR - The GOV visor looks really cool either up or down. 


Eduardo Pazikas on Mar 19, 2017 - Mashed Green Davida Speedster Helmet 



Alan Witty on Mar 14, 2017 Cream Brown Leather Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 



Mick Garcia on Mar 04, 2017DAVIDA SPEEDSTER V3 
Just received my Matt/Gloss Black Speedster v3 helmet.......awesome!! 


 Rich Rumble on Mar 03, 2017 - Silver Black Davida Speesterv3 Helmet 



 Mike Casey on Mar 02, 2017Black White Check Davida Jet Helmet



Ian Kerr MBE Eng.Tech CAE on Feb 27, 2017 -  80200 - Silver, Black Davida Jet Helmet 



Keith on Feb 25, 2017 -  92220 - Black Silver Davida Ninety 2 Helmet


 Joey Fontane on Feb 23, 2017Gloss Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

GOOD STUFF..! Not very often I'd bother to write a review but here we have something worth talking about.


 Stephen P. on Feb 22, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors




My overall experience with Davida was excellent.


 Paul Crowhurst on Feb 21, 2017 - Silver Mono UJ Sides Davida Speedster v3 Helmet  



Martin Haskell on Feb 20, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors.