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Customer Review Winners Ben Knibbs & Adrian Hingston

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Ben Knibbs is our April lucky draw winner for his Customer Reviews on the Davida website. 

PERFECT VISOR TO GO WITH NINETY-2 - I love this visor. It doesn't spoil the look of my beautiful gloss black Ninety-2 but it keeps the wind out of my eyes perfectly! Easy to take off if I want to use sun glasses instead. So much better than a full face for not fogging or getting hot. Great for a summer country ride. A must-have.

Ben Knibbs Product Review on Aug 29, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors

Ben receives a pair of luxury Davida Gloves 

From Falmouth, Cornwall, Adrian Hingston was our March Lucky Draw winner and has sent us a few images from his local castle, Pendennis Castle. As far as we can tell Adrian and fellow riding partner have 3 Davida Speedster V3 helmets, Davida Winter Gloves, Lightweight Gloves & a Davida WRS Kit.

Where have you been riding with your Davida ?

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