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Austin Vince & His Mondo Men Go To The Sahara

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Men of Mondo Sahara

Seven Mondo Men- The send off of Austin Vince and his 6 mates leave Uxbridge Sunday 4th November for a 28 day expedition to the Sahara Desert. Kitted out in Davida Speedsters and D4Vi9A Equipped accessories supplied by us to get them through the harshest of conditions that they will encounter in North Africa.

Austin choose to colour-up their Davida helmets in the iconic designs from Steve McQueen’s ‘On Any Sunday’film. Vince is joined by long time friends Pablo Gustafson(USA),Paul Castle(UK) ,Joe McManus(USA), Gabriel Bolton(UK), James Duveen(UK)and Eric Sowle (USA). The film of their expedition will be made to expand the Austin Vince collection. Good luck lads. Julie Horne was there for the send off and took the following images. Julie has had many of her own off road adventures, including the Sahara. Her features are published in Trail Bike Magazine.


Men of Mondo Sahara


Men of Mondo Sahara


Men of Mondo Sahara




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