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Austin Vince – Mondo Sahara 2012

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 Austin Vince is back with a thrilling new expedition and film – Mondo Sahara! We supplied them all with Davida helmets and our new range of tactical goggles – D4Vi9A YMG

 On 4th November 2012 Austin Vince, ‘the godfather of DIY Adventure Motorcycling’ (MCN) and director of the legendary Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa films, will strike out across the largest desert in the world with his team of six riders.Their goal is to penetrate the infamous ‘Empty Quarter’ of theSaharawhere no unsupported motorcyclists have ever ridden before. The film of this journey, Mondo Sahara, will be released in 2013.

© Julie Horne

This 5,000-mile expedition is the result of years or planning and preparation. There are no roads, tracks, or any human habitation in this remote region of the Sahara, so an advance party has been dispatched to bury fuel, water and food drops at pre-arranged locations. This will enable the Mondo Sahara team to ride the vast distances involved without a back-up vehicle. All they have to do is make it to the drop-points each night… but is anything ever that simple in the Sahara?



© Julie Horne

© Julie Horne

The team is made up of riders from the UKand America, but with the exception of Austin Vince, none of them have tackled the Saharabefore. They’ll warm up with an off-road route through Spainand Moroccobut the action really starts when they cross the border into Mauretania. The gruelling heat, the pressure to make the drop-points each night and the relentless sandy and rocky terrain will make this the most exciting and challenging ride of their lives. Mondo Sahara will be a true test of man, machine and teamwork in some of the most extreme conditions on earth.

© Julie Horne

 Austin Vince is a world-renowned film-maker, most famous for the adventure-motorcycling classics, Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa, which documented his round-the-world trips and have inspired thousands of others to hit the road. No doubt, Mondo Sahara will have the same effect!For more info see

© Julie Horne

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