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Andrew E Lander Stow- “…brash,arrogant,stubborn,know-it-all, smart-arse ! Who unfortunately does get things done.”

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Andrew E Lander Stow was born in 1952 and has been riding motorbikes since 1968 when he passed his test on a BSA Bantam, D7, 175cc, two-stroke motorbike. Since hitting 60 in 2011  he’s been off on motorcycle adventures in Europe and Mongolia. Andrew has become a firm Davida fan and will never go without his trusty Davida Jet helmet. In May 2013 Andy is off around the world. If your thinking of going on a long distance  riding adventure you could do worse than have a look at his website.


“Take a man born in 1952 and instill in him a high IQ (Ex-member of Mensa) and an ability to undestand all things engineering and a mastery of electrical componentry as well as giving him reasonable IT skills.
Then marry him to a beautiful and adored wife for 38 years and give him two fabulous kids who then give him 3 gorgeous grand-children.
Then throw the pinch of zest into the mixture that says that he can never rest but must always strive for the impossible/improbable and succeed where others may fail.

To sum it up more succinctly I suppose….Brash, arrogant, stubborn, know-it-all, smart-arse! Who unfortunately does get things done.”


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