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Davida At Ralph Lauren RRL 99km Ride Around Paris

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RRL Ride Ralph Lauren Flagship Store, St Germain, Paris

Ralph Lauren’s Flagship Store, St Germain, Paris recruited Blitz Motorcycles to organise a 99km ride around Paris Last Sunday 25th May. Involving hundreds of classic and vintage motorcycles, the ride was to celebrate the tradition and authenticity of utilitarian clothing of RRL range.

RRL30 RRL15 RRL11 RRL7 IMG_4668-copie RRL4_modifié-1 RRL17


Which got me thinking about original utilitarian clothing, all the dapper Tweed etc you see on the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride and about what Fid used to ride in day-in-day-out during the late 70’s through to the late 90’s… a Harris Tweed jacket, usually with a huge safety pin to keep buttons done up at high speed and a 1940’s silk scarf…

1980'sgroupgroup shot 1980s davida012

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