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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Much Much More Than One Days Ride

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Dapper riders across the globe gather every year on the last Sunday in September in support of a cure for Prostate Cancer on the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride (DGR). 

By January 2016,  61,746 riders from 79 countries in 410 cities across the world raised 5 million AUD for Prostate Cancer from just one days ride on 27th September 2015.

As a reward for this charitable work,  Mark Hawwa, the founder of Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (centre) & members of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Australian Defence Force were invited to take a flight in an RAAF C-130J Hercules from RAAF Base Richmond, courtesy of 37 Squadron. 

Thanks to Mark & 37 Squadron these Davida DGR Special helmets created for the five highest fundraisers of the 2015 DGR event, are officially the highest flying Davida helmets on the planet.

"A perfect way to see Sydney’s famous beaches and  Sydney Harbour. At 1500 feet the skyscrapers were dwarfed by the height the Hercules as it circled the vibrant city".....Mark Hawwa

Davida created and donated these very exclusive 2015 DGR Special Helmets for the top DGR fundraisers across the world.  A helmet which can not be bought with cash only earned through hard work and dedication to become the best 5  out of 61, 746 DGR riders. 

Here are a few winners collecting their Davida Special DGR helmets,  their well earned reward for being the highest fundraisers of 2015.

From Canberra it's Simon Whittaker,  Donald Leonhart in Los Angeles Vincent Nicolai in New York, Umberto De Pretto in Geneva & Michael Butler in Tunbridge Wells.

Mark Hawwa himself delivered the Davida DGR Special to Simon Whittaker in Canberra" I don't really have any rich friends, just a lot of really good ones & lots of new ones... willing to support me & donate their time & few dollars to a worthy cause" Sir Simon's fundraising story has a whole page on DGR website

Davida Distributor in the USA, Kirk from 9MC organised delivery to Donald Leonhart in Los Angeles

In Geneva, Davida Dealer Jack Cuir presented the Davida Special DGR helmet to Umberto De Pretto 

From Tunbridge Wells, Michael Butler was the highest fundraiser from the UK

Dine Dapper in Good Company On The Last Sunday On Every Month

Michael Butler recently took his Davida DGR helmet to the new monthly DGR event at London's Bike Shed venue. On the last Sunday of every month boys and girls can ride dapper to the Bike Shed venue & enjoy a Sunday roast.

Next 'Sunday Best' @bikeshedmc is on March 27th! If you're in London, The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride and The Bike Shed would like to invite you to a hearty roast dinner to discuss bikes and all things dapper. 20% of proceeds will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research. Seating is limited, so be quick and be sure to make your reservation at

For everyone else, whether as riders on the events or supporters of the cause, DGR commissioned Davida to create two other DGR Special helmet designs which are  available to buy:  Davida Jet & Davida Ninety 2, SRP- £298 & Speedster Helmets - SRP £298 ex VAT. With a chunk of the sales-price of every helmet sold being donated to DGR. Davida are proud to announce that so far sales of these Davida Helmet sales have raised an additional 917 AUD for DGR Prostate Cancer Charities.

            DGR  2015 Matt Black  - 80022                        DGR 2015 Laurel - 80023   


Davida are also offering a special DGR sticker pack of 6 DGR Stickers,  now available from the Davida website at £9.95 ex VAT. For every sticker pack sold, Davida will donate £4.42 to DGR for their Prostate Cancer Charities. They are the same stickers used on the official Davida 2015 DGR helmets

 It's never too early !  Registration for the 2016 DGR event is open now.. just do it


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